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    Ninja were the Ultimate Warriors of feudal Japan. Cloaked in darkness and secrecy, the Ghost-Soldiers of the Invisible Fist struck fear into the hearts of their enemies and wreaked havoc on those who incurred their wrath. The principles of these occult methods have not changed and apply even today. The principles and forms presented herein are intended for use by a lone individual. Some Ninjitsu ryu (schools) advocate the use of such equipment as shuriken, grapples, shaken, even poisons and firearms. These schools train to use or improvise any weapon that may further the objective of the mission. There is much to be said for this approach, even among the schools that practice invisibility such as the Black Dragon Ryu, Therefore, sections explaining the classical Ninja weapons are included

    Future Attack

    (Economics - The New BattleField!)

    Yet, study of this Art does not require weapons of any sort. Sensei (teacher) once said, "A naked man, alone, in an empty room, can practice Ninjitsu." One cannot move quickly and silently when encumbered by various tools. And, if captured, these devices would certainly be confiscated. What is one to do then? Here then are the means to be invisible in the presence of the enemy, to penetrate unseen anywhere, and to pass without leaving a trace

    >This is the Silent Way of the Mystic-Knights, the Moonlit Path of the Shadow-Warrior, the Invisible Assassins of Feudal Japan, the NINJA

    The beauty of these techniques is that they do not require a lifetime to master. Many were developed by victims who were tired of being bullied but lacked the physical resources to overcome the forces opposing them. Few people have such resources or the time to acquire them. But, there are bullies aplenty. The student need only learn one technique and have the courage to carry it out to free himself of oppression. Making war is not hard, keeping the peace is hard. That is why the Ninja, who value peace and harmony above all else, have gone to such great lengths over many centuries to canonize and preserve these methods

    And why, because it is so simple, the techniques have often been turned to revenge or used to raise and army quickly. When there is no justice, the Ninja appear. They are not -called to action by anyone.

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    They are just ordinary people in extraordinary situations. They need not have a -clan or -credentials or even a great deal of training. They only need the Will

    The Ninja do what must be done, then it is forgotten. Princes and kings may gain some temporary advantage through Force

    But, the only lasting accomplishments are achieved through Love this is the true lesson of Ninjits

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